About Us

We are a breakthrough brand in the flooring space looking to innovate with our breathtaking designs. To do so, we are led by a team with over a decade of experience in exportation, production and commercialization of construction floorings and finishes.

We are a team of highly professional individuals, well aware of market needs and the trends that have defined the space over the past ten years.

We as a brand aim to revolutionize the market with fresh ideas, first-rate materials and remarkable customer service.


Our mission is to tend to all of our customers’ needs and to provide an exceptional service in supplying them with the best products the market has to offer.

To achieve this and more, we understand adaptability to market trends to be one of our main goals. We trust our closely-held core values to be the main drivers of our success.


Our vision is to become the leading brand in sales and construction finishes within the United States, owning the biggest distribution network and collaborating with commercial allies at a national level, while obtaining recognition for our trailblazing and innovative methods.

Simultaneously, we wish to always offer our clients the tools and solutions best suited to their needs in tandem with our products in order to maximize customer satisfaction.